It’s plain and simple. You have bought your Jeans and used it too. But the hard fact is that you don’t love it anymore for a variety of reasons. mDenim can add features that you will love your old jeans in its new avatar.

How it works

Bring your plain and quite boring jeans at mdenim. We can give a funky and stylish look to your jeans by treating your jeans with cloudy finish. It will give a patchy look to the overall garment.  Also it gives a broken mirror effect/ grainy washed down look to the garment. Do you have trouble of sweat smell on your garments especially in the summer season? Don’t worry, be cool we are here to sort out this issue for you.

At mdenim your garments will be treated with a highly hygienic process and that is anti-odour finish. By giving this treatment to your garments,  we can kill the microorganisms like bacteria, fungi, algae which the most and common reason for obnoxious odour. Don’t waste your money on spending for to purchase a perfume which is a temporary solution for your garments for preventing odour. Bring your garments to mdenim for permanent solution. We will be giving a fragrance finish which will have a long-lasting finish. The speciality of the finish is it will get more fragrance when the garments get abrasion by our body. We can improve your jeans strength also by providing body builder finish. And also we can give an uneven colourful spot on your jeans. We can add so much of features that you will love your old jeans in its new avatar.

Our Works

Customer satisfaction is the ultimate goal in our business, we specialize in renovating your old abused jeans and giving a new life to your jeans and repairing jeans. Get inspired by our few denim services which we have done for our customers.