Shortening, Waist Adjustment, Loop Correction, Jeans Alteration. Think of anything that holds you from wearing it, bring it to us. We will assess and offer you solutions that you cannot refuse.

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jeans waist alteration | Jeans alteration in bangalore


Reduce the waist size of your Jeans

Shorten jeans | jeans tailor near me | jeans alteration in Bangalore


To make your pant shorter in length to your desired level.

standard-hem | hem jeans | hem jeans tailor |


Repairing your damaged Bottom hem of your Jeans

original-hem | hem jeans | hem jeans tailor | jeans tailor near me


Length Shortened but original washed Look retained.

Jeans repair in bangalore, jeans customization in bangalore, Jeans alteration in bangalore


From normal Bottom hem to Frayed Edges

cuff hem | cuffed hem jeans | jeans tailor near me


From normal hem to turn up.

Darn, repair holes and tears | jeans tailor in bangalore | jeans tailor near me


Repair by recreating or reinforcing the weave of a fabric that has a hole

Bored with your old fashioned jeans? Need an expert’s advice to renovate your jeans we are here to help you. In the process of jeans alteration we will transform your old jeans into trendy one. Are you the one who loves shorts the most and don’t have time to purchase a new one? Don’t worry bring your old jeans to mdenim we will remake your old jeans into a trendy shorts, bermuda, cut of shorts, 3/4th, crop pants, cargo, boxers, mini skirts etc. Are you bothered about your jean length but you don’t want to lose your original hem or looking for stylish hems which are different from the usual one just book alter package at mdenim.


Our services on your denim jeans will make you happy. We can give a number of transformations to your jeans like ripped jeans, fray edged hem, cuff model, and so on. And also we will repair your ripped jeans by recreating the weave of a fabric that has a hole otherwise give a different kind of fabric patches by reinforcing. Shortening, Waist Adjustment, Loop Correction. Think of anything that holds you from wearing it, bring it to us. We will assess and offer you solutions that you cannot refuse.


It’s our passion to make your denim clothes of perfect fitting for you. You should look great and feel overwhelming!

Our mission is to save many jeans as well as water. Since, there is a lot of wastage in the process of making new jeans; we redesign the same one for you. Mdenim also strives towards reducing the textile waste on earth. From ill-fitted Jeans, we can totally transform your Jeans into a perfect fit. Jeans with a perfect fit could last forever.

Give your favourite old denim a new life. Mdenim masters alteration services like shortening lengths, standard hem, cuff hem, raw hem etc.

We are expanding rapidly, because of the growing demand for good work. We give extreme attention to detail for fixing ripped or torn jeans.