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    7-10 Business days. (might take longer based on service)

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  • Refashioning :

    Denim washes-Makeover

  • Price

    Rs 499 to Rs 699
    (Based on the service)

mdenim brings an exclusive denim transforming opportunity to you at a very attractive price.

YOU can change the look, color, fades, and feel of your denim by opting refashioning/denim wash service. WAIT…

We still have more for you..

YOU Can also make your jeans more stylish with Embellishments, Prints, Embroideries, etc @mdenim

Denim Refashion -we give your denim a complete spa to get it back in its original charm or any other look that you want (simply put- Makeover)

Transform Your Old jeans into a New One

Exclusive Denim wash services to bring back the look, feel, and charm of your denim.

Wide varieties of services with a team of skilled professionals and designers.

The age of your denim, quality & fabric is considered before proceeding.

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Our Jeans Refashion Works

Our Denim Refashion Services

Brightening – Rs 499/-

After few months your denim starts to look dull and yellow?

In this service your denim is brought back into life by removing dullness and yellowness of your denim

Softening – Rs 499/-

After few regular washes denims may lose its soft feel.

In this service the soft feel of your denim is brought back to ensure comfort`

Dark/Light – Rs 699/-

Dark-Light Shade or Light-Dark Shade.

The color of your jeans can be changed as per your desire.

Distress – Rs 699/-

Why buy new when this generation trend can be incorporated in your old jeans?

Distress/rip/Patch we can do it all.(Torn Effect)

Spray – Rs 699/-

You can give fades and effects to your plain indigo colored denim @mdenim.

Notching – Rs 699/-

Today’s look on your old pant.

Notching nothing creating small vertical damages

Stain Removal – Rs 699/-

Any stain or marks cannot hold you back from your favourite jeans.

Get it all removed @mdenim.

Side Tape – Rs 499/-

Don’t miss out on the latest trend get a side tape for your jeans here at an attractive price.

Color Splatter – Rs 699/-

Make your plain jeans into a colourful one, add life into in @mdenim.

Make-over – Rs 699-(based on demands)

Go crazy with your denim and design it the way you want.

Let it be prints, embellishments or embroideries.

Bodybuilder – Rs 699/-

Add stiffness and rough look to your jeans with this service from mdenim.

Our Combo Offer

(+tax, for bills above Rs 1000/- shipping charges are free)

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