Anything that’s made of denim. We can reconnect you with that favourite denim jacket, skirt, coat, chambray shirt, kids dress etc.

After the order confirmation it will take 7 business days based on the process. In case of multiple process is involved it will take some more days from regular processing time and we will intimate the processing time.

Many of the repairing services, as well as your local dry cleaner, will simply repair the jeans with a patch and common sewing machine. mDenim uses a machine that is specifically made for repairing jeans. It's called a darning ­­machine. It basically interweaving the fabric so no uncomfortable patch is necessary. In case of stains dry cleaning uses detergents for the types of fabrics and soils being addressed. Dry cleaning is only for removing greases, oils, waxes and other solvent soluble spots and stains. But in mdenim washing uses water with our specially formulated proprietary chemical to maintain the ph, fresh and brighten look to the jeans, to vanish the stains and also kill the yellowness dirty look from the jeans. In washing we can soften the jean more than its original stage.

And the difference between alteration is basically they are doing crude job of alteration either shortening but in the case of mdenim we do provisional alteration service and the specialization of our service is we will retain the original hem of your jeans & frayed edges also in the process of shortening, and also we can give a new life to your jean by giving a new & fresh look washes by our expertise team. We have 25 years of experience in processing all different types of jeans. Our repairs and washing do not affect the fit of the jean.

Unlikely case of not satisfied with the result on your denim, we always welcome you to for our AFTER SALES please call us at 9513844100 or email us at, we can try to fix it for you.

At mDenim you can co-create your jeans with our design team.

At mDenim we have a special package called refresh for refurbishing the jeans to kill yellowness in the jeans. And our technical team take care of your jeans.we would love to have it as it is our area of expertise.

We have solution for your old trendy jeans, you can change your boot cut, flare,wide leg into straight cut, regular, shorts, ankle length, cuff model, frayed hems also by booking our alter service.

We have variety of transformation options in our unique venture. You can check out more option by visiting our website mdenim.

As we said earlier, we have variety of transformation option

We can also change your denim color which is suitable for your jean with our available lab colors.

We can only work on clean jeans. Please wash them or dry clean them before sending them in. We appreciate it!

If your primary objective is to make your jeans last as long as possible,don’t wash your jeans in a single use, you can wash as long as you feel it’s get dirty or smell. Our best tip is to wash them with good detergent inside-out on cold. Avoid tumble dry and go for line dry.

Whatsoever we advise you to just wear your jeans, tear them, and beat them up. Leave your stains and simply enjoy whatever caused the stain. Your favourite pair of jeans is like a photo album that captures precious memories and experiences. Wear & tear them we will there for you to repair them.