Dry Processing of Denim

We have seen innumerable looks of Denim; be it the worn out look, distressed look, faded look etc. We have gone ahead, searched and also bought Jeans with these patterns.

Have you ever wondered how these effects or patterns are made on the Denim?

Once Denim fabric is made and then woven into Denim pants or jackets or shirts, it undergoes two kinds of processing.

  1. Dry Processing
  2. Wet Processing

Let’s look into the various Dry Processing methods in this blog.

  1. Whiskering- It is the first process and a pattern is prepared according to the desired design. Initially, the pattern is selected and the same is transferred to a rubber board. The denim is scrubbed over the pattern with emery paper to get the whiskered effect. Also the lines are drawn on the denim with chalk and the denim is scrapped on those lines with an abrasive paper manually.Jeans repair | jeans alteration near me | Jeans alteration in bangalore
  2. Scraping – This process is done after whiskering. This is the preparatory process before spray. The denim is inserted over a dummy tube which is later filled with compressed air. The desired patterns are scrapped manually by hand with an abrasive paper.

    Scraping- Denim Processing
    Scraping- Denim Processing, PC: Google
  3. Grinding- It is the destruction of edges of pockets, hem, waist band to bring about the worn-out look. Different tools like hand held grinders/bench grinders etc   are used  to create these worn out fashionable look.

    Grinding - Denim Processing
    Grinding – Denim Processing, PC: Google
  4. Damaging- The area on the denim to be damaged is marked initially and then the desired damages are done using specially designed tools depending on the effect required. In most cases,  as the Indigo warp thread is on the top and its fully taken our leaving the off white weft yarn very much visible.

    Damaging - Denim Processing
    Damaging – Denim Processing, PC: Google
  5. P. Spraying- Potassium permanganate is sprayed to specific parts where already scrapping has been done. Normally the denim is washed to the desired shade before Spray. After spray again the denim has to be washed to neutralize the PP. a bright whitish effect is achieved in the spayed area.

    P Spraying- Denim Processing
    P Spraying- Denim Processing, PC: Google
  6. Laser treatment- Laser technology is used to avoid the harmful effects of chemicals used in Spray.  Scrapping is not required and whiskering effect is also achieved . any pattern required can be designed. Even damage effects can be created.Ripped jeans | Jeans repair | Jeans alteration near me | Jeans alteration in Bangalore
  7. Ozone Fading- Denims are faded by bleaching using chemicals. In recent times fading is done using Ozone. This process saves water and use of harmful chemicals. It requires a Ozone generator which converts the ambient air to ozone and a Ozone destroyer to convert it back to oxygen.

    Qzone fading- Denim Processing
    Qzone fading- Denim Processing, PC: Google

In the next blog , we shall delve into the Wet processing of Denim.

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