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Good news to all denim lovers and haters. Its not only your Suits/Coats that can be custom tailored but your Denim too can be customized, in a variety of designs and washes. At mdenim, we also repair & alter your Denims in a professional manner. Additionally we can refashion your old jeans yes all that denim which is lying unused for any reason whatsoever, mdenim offers to make them better.

#1 Did You Know ?

The Name “DENIM” is Derived From The French Word “DE NIMES” Meaning from “NIMES”.

“NIMES” Is a City In France.

Our Advantages


With mdenim you have a one to one fashion designer with whom you co-create your jeans. Your likes, preferences can be brought into the denim by the designer. You will love our denim services.


Mdenim has state of the art infrastructure for all the critical processes resulting in more control on quality and delivery commitment for all denim services.


Our team is all eager to hear from you on the performance of your mdenim  jeans. In the unlikely case of any minor clarifications/glitches, we will ensure that the issues are addressed to your satisfaction.



    Super happy with their service. It really feels like I have brand new jeans. The colors and fades chosen were very chic and was neatly done. Some of them were also given a new look with some hand art work. Highly recommended if you want to give a new look/life to your otherwise boring/Old Jeans! Cost effective and the best part is you can customize according to your taste and requirements!

    My Jeans were redone innovatively and the Stains, Damages were removed effectively!