You will get easily custom-fit trousers, and suits but you will not be able to find a Custom Denim Service.

It’s because it’s not just the regular cut sew and finish work. It’s about choosing the right denim fabric, designing the garment, understanding the shrinkage pattern, sewing the garment on heavy-duty specialized machinery, processing it for the right look and feel, and then finishing it as per your desires.

A denim is not just a fabric that can be sewn simply but it’s an art and science rightly blended to deliver you a pair that you will love.

You buy a brand-new jeans and are not happy with the alteration service at the store and with very great difficulty finding a tailor, still, get a below par work done because they are not equipped to handle the work.

mdenim offers you professional, technical alteration services whether it be a regular length reduction with original hem or anything you want to be done on the denim.

Alterations are done on specialized, Heavy-Duty Factory Equipments by skilled tailors who understand the nuances of the Denim.

Don’t ever throw away a Jean.

Just think about it. Your seldom-worn jean can become your favorite.

At denim, we can restore your old, worn Jeans to a different pair altogether. Yes, we have different packages that can refresh your jean, take away stains, make them bright as new, add new looks, wash downs, overdyes, etc.

There are exciting possibilities with your old denim.